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Center for psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics, training and education

The mission of Neocortex is the care and treatment of the mental health of children, adolescents and adults. We specialize in individual, partner, family-system, and group therapy. The psychotherapy approaches we offer are Gestalt therapy, EMDR therapy (trauma processing), Family-Systems therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as play therapy for children, stimulation and developmental assessment. Our main goal is raising awareness and self-care, making positive life changes in the direction of psycho-physical well-being, health and satisfaction in the individual, but also work and support of families as a whole as an important system from which each individual originates.

What do we offer?

Our services include the following counselling and psychotherapy:

  • Individual therapy

  • Partner therapy

  • Family and Group therapy

  • Play therapy with children and assessment of development deviations

  • Psychodiagnostics and psychological testing

  • Assessment of the professional competences for youngsters

  • Trainings and psycho-education for clients

  • Specialized trainings for mental health area professionals

  • Personal growth, development and support during life decisions and crises


We will help YOU
to live a better life

We can help you with

Our services include psychological counselling and psychotherapy for:

  • Anxiety disorders, phobias and panic attacks

  • Depression disorders and postpartum depression

  • Developmental deviations and disharmony in children (dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyslexia…)
  • Social anxiety, shyness and low self-esteem
  • Depressive disorders and postpartum depression
  • Coping with grief following a loss

  • Addictions and dependences

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders

  • Sleep related disorders

  • Behaviour disorders and conduct disorders in children and adults

  • Partnership dissolution and marriage divorce

  • Intellectual disability
  • Development of emotional intelligence
  • School difficulties in school children
  • Autism
  • Accepting and managing medical conditions and chronic diseases (rare diseases)

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment on the phone during our working hours (10 a.m – 8 p.m), Monday to Saturday.

+(389)76 496 496
Our team

Founder and Director

MSc. Ivana Hadjivanova

Psychologist, Gestalt and EMDR Psychotherapist, Family-Systemic Counselor and Supervisor

The knowledge of human psychology is also used in the creation and maintenance of organizational and corporate trainings for companies and large companies, with the aim of improving the overall operation, performance and personal growth and development of employees, as well as prevention and treatment of mental health.

MSc. Aleksandra Stojanovska

Psychologist, Family-System Counselor

Master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology, and member of the Ethics Board at the Chamber of Psychologists of RSM.
Stojanovska has a large number of fulfilled projects during her professional experience. She transfers her gained experience and knowledge in the role of psychologist-facilitator while performing trainings and educating firm and companies’ staff, with the purpose of improving the performance of the employees and the general organizational well-functioning.

MSc. Zorica Nikolova

Psychologist, Systematic Family Counselor

As part of the Neocortex Center, she works in psychological counseling and psycho-education of young and adults, psycho diagnostics, personal growth and development, and also actively applies family-systemic psychotherapy in working with individuals, partnerships, and families.


Psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist under supervision

In her practice, she has also worked with crisis counseling support for women victims of domestic violence, treatment of children and youth with deviations in development (with a focus on autistic spectrum disorders), parents, as well as work with orphans and parental care.

Hana Memedi

Psychologist, educator in family-system psychotherapy

Hana Memedi, psychologist, family system counselor. The Neocortex Center offers individual, partnership, parental and family system counseling and psychoeducation.

Verica Bakuleska

Psychodrama and Gestalt Psychotherapist under supervision

Verica Bakuleska is a licensed psychologist and Psychodrama and Gestalt psychotherapist under supervision. As part of the Neocortex Center, she provides psychological counseling, psychoeducational, and psychotherapy using Gestalt and psychodrama approaches.

Monika Kochovska

Special educator and rehabilitator, family system psychotherapy educator

Monika Kochovska is a special educator and rehabilitator and student of family and systemic psychotherapy.As part of the Neocortex Center, she works with developmental assessments, early intervention, individual treatments, group treatments, developmental stimulation, play therapy for children, support and guidance of parents.

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